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Anchor bolts are extensively applied in structure of founadtion pit support,which mainly make use of anchor-hold in the layer of soil in order to maintain the stability of structure.While based on complex geological conditions, the security and supporting effect are more important, so anchor bolt system is quite necessary. 
Metis is a distributor and manufacturer of high quality anchor bolt system for the construction and renovation industries. We work with the top manufacturers in the industry to provide you with high performing anchor bolt system to meet your specific building requirements. In addition, we offer custom cutting, chamfering, coating and finishing services.
Technological breakthroughs in anchor bolt design have enabled Metis to provide our customers with the latest innovations afforded to the industry. Quotes on special orders are always available for any custom application as well. Simply call, fax or e-mail your specifications and one of our friendly customer support staff will be happy to assist you.
Metis anchor bolt system can be used for drilling, injection, anchoring and stabilisation in one single operation, resulting in substantial reduction of site time compared to traditional techniques. The stabilisation and strengthening of incompetent strata is faster and more effective with the Metis anchor bolt system, also providing cost benefits to the client.




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