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Metis is specialized in the development, production and sales of products in the geotechnical anchorage areas. Our vision is to be the most professional anchor bolt company. We are proud to make good products that make the industries we serve safer and more efficient.
Our extensive ranges of anchor bolts are designed carefully by our experienced engineers who have a sound knowledge about these components.Our collection of goods includes of R thread anchor system,T thread anchor system,Anticorrosion rock bolt,IMT bolt,MTS bolt,Rock drill,etc.
We are very much conscious about the quality of our offered products. Our constant activities have infused a spectral pace in the domain of sustainer of quality standards. Our belief that quality and client satisfaction are directly proportional to each other has enabled us to strongly enforce stringent quality control measures in our manufacturing procedures. We provide utmost importance to the quality of our products, which ensures their meeting international performance and durability standards.
We have managed to create profitable relations with the clients by dealing with each requirement no matter how complex. We also rely heavily on their suggestions to further improve ourselves continuously.
We have a team of achievers that works with the utmost enthusiasm and dedication to offer the best product and services to the clients. With a keen eye for quality, out team is the asset that is responsible for the favorable position of the company in the market.We have also reputed clients in international market like Bahrain,Iraq,UK,USA,Australia,Nigeria,etc.
We have spread our network globally which helps in reaching out to a diverse clientele. Based on excellent co-ordination, we have managed to deliver with timed precision while providing to every probability that clients have from us.




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