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   Metis is the leading anchor bolt supplier for various engineerings [10/11/15 10:33AM]   
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Anchor bolt system as an effective means of anchorage,was widely used in tunnel pre-support,radial support,reinforcement,as well as tunnel disease treatment works.And the use of anchor bolt system has made a lot of good economic and social benefits.
Metis is the leading anchor bolt supplier for various engineerings,Metis is a well equipped company both technically and commercially to under our services to its valued customers.
Metis designs and manufactures high integrity anchor bolt systems for the construction industry, supplying customers worldwide in a variety of sectors from small-scale residential developments to major infrastructure projects.
Metis works closely with several Geotechnical and Structural Engineering firms and works in both the realm of design build or plans and specs projects. It is not uncommon for anchor bolt systems to incorporate alternative design elements to address difficult situations such as non-native soils, underpinning neighboring structures or other issues Metis can work closely with you and your engineers to develop efficient solutions to these types of issues.
Metis has Strict quality control system,We also have CE and ISO certification.Sinorock is recognized for its excellent quality, delivery performance, innovative management and perfect service system.




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