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   The priciples of Metis makes Metis so strong [24/09/15 10:56AM]   
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With the development of social economy, more and more geotechnical engineering 

structure will be built, as one of the important supporting measures in the 

engineering construction of anchor reinforcement technology is going to be a 

long-term development prospects.After decades of development and accumulation 

of experience,in order to change the status quo, the anchor bolt support 

better applied in the practice, to improve the pertinence, reduce 

blindness,Metis has seted up a relatively perfect mechanism of anchor bolt 

support for you.Metis manufactures a variety of anchor bolts for industrial 

applications and is equipped to produce anchor bolts with quick deliveries for 

the construction.Metis is develop so quickly because it has some priciples.

Integrity: We value integrity above all and this means being sincere, honest 

and true to our Word.

Innovation: We are engaged in constantly searching for new ideas and 

improvements in everything we do, both in products as well as business 

processes, in order to be useful to our clients.

Simplicity: We conduct business naturally, in a friendly and humble way, far 

from arrogance and pride.

We have deep respect for the individual: We show special consideration to 

others, especially to our employees who help create our family business 


Commitment: All of us at Metis are committed to and truly excited about the 

business plan.

Productivity: Productivity is the result of capable people who strive in the 

pursuit of simplicity in processes and decision-making.

Teamwork: For us, teamwork involves coordination, trust, sharing and 

generosity; specially communication and participation regardless of the level 

of responsibility.

Customer focus: All the above values are at the service of our clients. The 

client is our reason for existence as a company and the center of all of our 

activities. Our organization and processes are geared to anticipa- ting and 

meeting their needs.




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