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   Metis is a bolt manufacturer for anchoring indrustries [20/07/15 11:11AM]   
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Luoyang Metis is one the major bolt manufacturer of bolting in the Middle China, housed its manufacturing facility in the luoyang, driven from the experience of its stockholders in the production of bolts in particular and fasteners in general. The Company’s objective is to offer an inbound logistic service for its clients, both on the National and International markets.
The service provided is oriented towards inbound cost minimization where purchases represent a critical success factor.
We believe that managing many suppliers is often anti-economical, whereas the same services can be provided by few well-organized entities.
Throughout agreements and adequate information on material requirements, it is possible to realize scheduled deliveries that help our customers avoid process interruptions. In fact the costs related to missing articles, even if insignificant taken individually, can lead to spiraling costs. Information plays a key role in the delivery scheduling and timing, as well as for the quality and pricing.
At Metis, we approach each project with a collaborative mindset, working with contractors, engineers, and vendors toward the common goal - successful project completion. Metis is involved in a wide variety of projects, both large and small. No matter what service we provide for you, feel confident that you will be the recipient of the best our industry has to offer.
Metis offers a variety of services to meet your construction needs, from earth retention and rockfall protection systems to engineering services.
Since 2014, we have been a competitive contractor in our industry, and have developed lasting relationships with many of our general and private contractors. We approach all contracts with the highest of standards, whether the contract is for 40 thousand or 4 million dollars. We stand by what we do and offer the best employees to complete the job. No matter what service we provide for you, feel confident that you will be the recipient of the best our industry has to offer.




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