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   The hollow steel bar acts as a drill rod, a reinforcement bar and a grouting pipe [16/07/16 10:41AM]   
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Metis was formed on 2014 with this belief “he believed he could build the best Company possible” in mind.  From the very beginning founder stressed integrity, performance, innovation and competitiveness - all combined with excellent engineering.He battled for the acceptance of more economical design methods and more productive union assignments.  These advantages were combined with important patents to produce further savings and quality.  Within a specialized industry, Metis came to be recognized as the industry leader of self drilling anchor bolt.
Self drilling anchor bolts are based on a 3-in-1 concept. The hollow steel bar acts as a drill rod, a reinforcement bar and a grouting pipe. Therefore, Metis Self Drilling anchor Bolts are suitable for both permanent and temporary applications, including the most difficult ground conditions.
System includes Plate and Bolts. A full range of Sacrificial Drill Bits are also available to fit all kind of ground conditions.
Several rod standard rod lenghts are available. For longer system, it is possible to splice tendons using couplers to create longer anchors.
Our Vision:
To be a global leader in engineering, manufacturing and delivery of high value-added quality products and services for the construction and the industry.
Our Mission:
To achieve customer recognition and stakeholder satisfaction by committing to the highest level of performance with integrity, creativity and a passion for results.




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The hollow steel bar acts as a drill rod, a reinforcement bar and a grouting pipe
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