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   Metis SDA products are all manufactured according to strict ISO rules [30/06/16 11:02AM]   
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Metis has a long established reputation for providing efficient solutions in self drilling anchor system,Construction & Mining Equipment and Industrial Power Tools. With customers throughout the whole industry, we are committed to offering innovative products designed to save money and improve productivity. 

The self-drilling anchor bolts offer comprehensive solutions for development of tunneling and mining industries. The self-drilling anchor bolts are manufactured as per the API standards, wherein, the hot drawn tubing is cold rolled to a round thread profile.

Metis SDA products are all manufactured according to strict ISO rules. There are two important quality parameters for a Metis self-drilling system.Firstly, that rods can withstand the stipulated breaking load and, secondly,that couplings and bits can be easily threaded. Ultimate load tests are carried out on all load bearing components in accordance with the strict quality process regulations. Should a system fall short of the given tolerances, production is stopped and the fault is rectified.




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Metis SDA products are all manufactured according to strict ISO rules
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