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   Specialized in design anchor bolt for underground-projects - Metis [26/02/16 07:03AM]   
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Extensive project experience, combined with our expertise in all contracting methods, means Metis can make civil and transportation projects successful, no matter the constraints. Our experience includes construction of roads and highways, bridges and interchanges, airports, hangars, rail facilities, and water treatment plants.Metis has also use our anchor bolt system for completed many underground construction projects such as water transmission and distribution lines, large fiber-optic communication installations, large and small sanitary sewer systems, and other underground utilities.
Metis is a professional anchor bolt manufacturer specializing in design for underground-projects,and is recognized as an industry authority in these fields.Metis associates foremost strength is its innovative approach to solving unique engineering problems.
In order to achieve high quality anchor bolts,we conduct rigid quality control on each production process. Our anchor bolts are made of high quality materials, and we use advanced production equipment and technologies. Our talented team of engineers designs and develops new drilling tools, while we can also produce anchor bolts according to customers' specific requirements. Now, our company is approved by ISO9001:2008, and our anchor boltss are popular among clients at home and abroad.




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