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Limited budgets and tight deadlines are routine hurdles for the civil engineers, construction managers and contractors. Successful civil engineering projects require careful coordination, precise timing of construction phases and, fundamentally, the timely availability of materials. Thatís where Metis comes in. 
Metis manufactures a broad range of extremely reliable, precise and accurate rock bolt systems in Steel and Steel Alloys of different sizes from high quality Graded raw material.Metis is considered as one of the few leading rock bolt suppliers of special bolting for critical applications.
At Metis, we are an experienced distributor of many types of rock bolts and other important products. With an expansive range covering over a dozen product categories, we have made ourselves into a convenient, single-point source for these important products.
We design all our products in compliance with international quality standards and norms. All our products are manufactured using superior quality high tensile and other material to ensure durability and quality.

For Metis, delivering less than the very best is never an option. The foundation of our communities depends on it.
Metis is not only one of the largest bolt manufacturers for civil constructions in China,but can also lay claim to having built the maximum number of projects in the whole of the constructions and we pursue the quality of projects. For nearly five years,Metis has been undertaking and executing the toughest engineering and construction projects. It has an admirable track record, a solid experience and a proven strength on delivery norms across its full spectrum of services. Around the world,Metisís projects boost growth in economies and improve the quality of life of millions of people. Its expertise helps businesses generate values from the most challenging circumstances. All this has enabled
Metis to become a name that is inextricably woven into the fabric of China.




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