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   Metis constructs a vast array of hollow threaded bar system in a variety of constructions [09/12/15 10:19AM]   
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Nowadays,there is a common phenomenon that exsists in all types of underground works with weak surrounding rock, fault fracture zone, the complex geological conditions highland stress large deformation, to the construction of rock anchor brought great difficulties, especially in the hole collapse in severe and require expertise bolt case, universal bolt powerless.
Just right,the hollow threaded bar system of Metis can better solve the problem of all kinds of complex terrain. 
Metis constructs a vast array of hollow threaded bar system in a variety of locations such as along our highways to protect the traveling public, protecting railroads and dams, in quarries and mines to protect operations, at military facitlites,construction sites, commercial and residential properties.
Metis has worked on several different railroad projects over the years.Metis has installed many types of rock slope protection and slope stabilization systems along our Nations railways protecting trains from any unnecessary stoppages due to rockfalls or small landslides. Metis has worked on many emergency slides along our railways and can respond usually within 24 hours once contacted.Metis has resources available from our many years in the business to put together a highly skilled and experienced team to address the emergency concerns that may arise 
from rockfalls or landslides. 




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