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In current tunnel support system, the anchor bolt system is a kind of very effective anchor supporting way, its application is very extensive.
Here introduce some simple applications of Metis anchor bolt : Drilling installations of anchor bolt For coating thickness is larger, piece of gravel content less formation, which adopts anchor boltfor drill pipe, rotary drilling method, the effect is better. For all strongly weathered rock strata, pore forming DTH drilling and conventional ways, finally after the drill hole, the hole generally has collapsed, to drill with the self drilling anchor bolt hole drilling until it reached the original deep again.Though plus a borehole, but solves the problem that rotary drilling method in large stone content of the formation of deep hole is not big enough,at the same time it can realize the anchor bolt installation smoothly. In accordance with the above two methods to cope with various complex stratum situation, the construction efficiency is high. Self-drilling anchor bolt grouting situation Adopts the direct connection of pure orifice and bolt pressure infusion technology, grouting over standard is: when the anchor the pore filling fully, return the slurry concentration and into the slurry are basically identical, grouting can be ended, because the slope characteristic of decision, grouting quantity is bigger, most of the grouting in excess of the consumption, with more than 30 holes for a total of nearly 180 tons of cement consumption. High slope using comprehensive measures to control, self-drilling anchor bolt played a key role in this case. High slope support since the anchor bolt construction features are: single bolt pulling force is big, depth of anchor rod, quantity is big, to adapt to the complicated geological conditions of environment.




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