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   Metis hollow anchor bar is designed and fabricated to the international standards [01/12/15 10:11AM]   
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Metis - as the largest supplier of hollow anchor bar products in the world,it is becoming more and more popular with it's excellent products and professional online services.With...


   Efficient and cost effective rock bolt support from Metis [27/11/15 10:30AM]   
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In order to boost the technology and non-destructive quality testing method of Metis rock bolt system and to make the anchoring process safer,more efficiency,economical,practicle,time-saving,energy-saving and more allpicable...


   Metis's anchor bolt system ensures a fast and efficient method of application [21/11/15 09:20AM]   
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Metis is a leading anchor bolt manufacturer and distributorfor for structural steel fabrication, metal building manufacturers, transportation, water works and utilities, original equipment manufacturers, construction, MRO and more.We provide global solutions and local service.Here...


   Metis adopts hot dip galvanizing for its anchor bolts [16/11/15 10:54AM]   
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For most fabricated structural and miscellaneous steel, hot dip galvanizing is a fairly basic process.Metis adopts this process for its anchor...


   Metis is the leading anchor bolt supplier for various engineerings [10/11/15 10:33AM]   
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Anchor bolt system as an effective means of anchorage,was widely used in tunnel pre-support,radial support,reinforcement,as well as tunnel disease treatment works.And the use of anchor bolt system has made a lot of good economic and social benefits.
Metis is the...


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Metis SDA products are all manufactured according to strict ISO rules
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